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All about Moshi BandzEdit

Moshi bandz are items based around Moshi Monsters which come in all colours and different sizes to decorate and play with.There are amazing competitions at for you to enter and if you go to then that's where you will find brilliant competitions including prizes and news about them.You can collect,wear and share them.

Where to find moshi bandzEdit

.If you would like a packet or more of any item of then go to for all the items!
If you haven't heard of moshi monsters moshi bandz then i will tell you when you comment!

Heres a list of items sell:

  • Top Trumps
  • Mash up cards
  • Moshi Bandz (of course)
  • Talking monsters
  • Books
  • Membership cards

and a hole bunch of exciting things!

Links to buy them:

Published by: (my sister)



Thank you!